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Benefits of Becoming a
Certified Positive Discipline Trainer (CPDT)

Annual Think Tank

A special conference, "Think Tank," for Certified Positive Discipline Trainers (CPDTs) and Positive Discipline Trainer Candidates (PDTCs) is scheduled once a year, typically in July. Think Tank affords an opportunity for in-depth, face-to-face networking with other members and to experience the depth and richness of this encouraging learning community.
Essentially, Think Tank is three days of professional development designed to deepen your knowledge of the Positive Discipline model and Adlerian principles. We review core concepts; share new ideas, new activities, and adaptations of old activities; review and update workshop outlines for quality assurance; work in small groups on ways to improve and spread Positive Discipline; as well as network, inspire and encourage each other. It is an exciting, rejuvenating and highly valued event.

The CPDT Email List Serve

PD Trainers and Trainer Candidates use a list serve to exchange information and dialogue about facilitating Positive Discipline activities, working with different populations or in different settings, and other meaningful issues. It is an incredible resource for members involved in training with the Positive Discipline model. You may bring forward questions or concerns or request recommendations or feedback from other members. It's an excellent opportunity for on-going education and support.  You will be entered as a member of the CPDT List Serve when you are approved as a PD Trainer Candidate.

PDA Teleconferences

The PDA offers monthly teleconferences, plus has a rapidly growing library of audio-conferences available for download. You'll find a wide range of topics on both parenting training, classroom work, and applications of PD to other populations. Plus, all new PDA members can attend one free -- and get a reduced rate on this and other trainings and materials.

Marketing Information

When you are approved as a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate (PDTC), you will receive the CPDT Facilitator's Training Manual (in disc form). You will have access to a lot of PD marketing material at a free or very reasonable price. This includes modifiable flyers, workshop posters, information on creating a business plan, the PDA logo, layout for business cards and stationery, core pieces for a fabulous folder for marketing yourself as a school consultant and trainer (including a 3-fold brochure that can be modified to include your personal information), name tags with the logo, certificates with the logo, and several PowerPoint programs. The information and professional graphic designs would cost you thousands of dollars to create yourself, yet most of this is free as part of your membership package.


When a CPDT leads one of our core workshops, either Positive Discipline in the Classroom or Teaching Parenting, the Positive Discipline Association handles the registrations and provides the CPDT with a list of the registrants and their contact information. The PDA charges $90 per registrant for this service, as well as record keeping, payment processing, etc. The CPDT must provide and pay for all of the other services that come with holding a workshop (location, rent, books and supplies, name tags, certificates, etc.) and will keep any profits after expenses.  A copy of the roster, an agenda checklist, and all evaluations must be submitted to the PDA office for the purposes of reconciliation, documentation and quality assurance.

Possible Client Referrals and Speaker's Bureau

Sometimes we receive requests from organizations for both workshops and lectures. To be eligible to fill these requests, a CPDT must first be approved by our Speaker's Bureau Committee This is done by sending four copies of a short video or DVD to the PDA office, who will then pass it on to the committee that reviews/approves applications for the Speakers Bureau. If you are approved, you will then have your picture and bio placed on the website under Speakers; referrals will be made based on geographic location and "best match" with the needs and focus of our client. The PDA requests a percentage of this fee be paid to the organization for this referral. Please refer to Section 1.6.6 of the Facilitator's Manual for more details.  
Personal Growth

Our experience is that being involved with and teaching Positive Discipline is not only life changing for the people you teach but also positively impacts your own personal and professional life in very meaningful and profound ways. Enjoy!

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