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Licensed Therapists

The Positive Discipline Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization made up of professionals who facilitate workshops and trainings based on the Positive Discipline model and the theories of Alfred Adler, Rudolph Dreikurs, Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott and others.

Many of our members, both Certified Trainers (CPDTs) and those moving towards Positive Discipline Certification (PDTCs), are licensed counselors, psychologists, social workers and school psychologists. They incorporate the philosophy, principles, and teachings of the Positive Discipline model and the theories of Adler and Dreikurs into their professional work.  

This is a voluntary listing of our members who are therapists and have documented that they have met licensing standards (for the state in which they reside) for professional practice in their respective field. It is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and cultures, personal interests, professional expertise and areas of specialization. Areas of focus might include individual, child, couples or family therapy; issues of loss, grief, anxiety, depression or trauma; a desire for personal growth and enhanced well-being; as well as educational assessment and other similar services.

We have developed this list as a resource for those who are looking for professional services consistent with the Positive Discipline model. The Positive Discipline Association does not endorse or assume responsibility for the work of individual therapists. We do require a copy of their state license, as well as a professional liability insurance policy, prior to including them on this list. When considering a therapist for yourself or for a family member, it is expected that you will request information personally regarding a therapist’s credentials, therapeutic orientation and range of services.

For further information, contact the Positive Discipline Association office or the individual practitioner.






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