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FREE Resources

Welcome to our "free resources" page! We hope you'll find some items here that are inspirational and helpful as you implement PD with your family, in your school/classroom, or in your clinical practice. The handouts offer great summaries of key PD ideas. The posters can be hung up as a daily reminder.  The articles and Q & A sections have great information on a variety of topics. Plus, there are some great recommendations for books, and a number of short, fun videos on various PD topics. Enjoy!


      Long Term Parenting

      Mistaken Goal Chart

      Mistakes Are Wonderful Opportunities To Learn (Created by Dori Keiper, CPDT)

Posters and handouts are based on PD books and materials
authored by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott.


PD can be used in so many different situations -- at home with all age groups, at schools at all grade levels, and for work place leadership, adult personal and interpersonal growth -- and so much more. In this section, you'll find a large list of articles on a wide array of topics. Let us know what you want more of!

Informational Links

Check out some of the links to other Positive Discipline sites. You can link from here to sign up for Jane Nelsen's free newsletter, participate in the PD social networking site -- PD.Ning, or locate PD Facebook sites. You'll also fine links to a number of sites on Adlerian Psychology, and some we believe offer information on 
"best practices" with child development and education.

Questions and Answers

Here you'll find a list of questions (and answers) submitted by parents and teachers. They cover a wide rang
e of behavior challenges - power struggles, homework hassles, temper tantrums, motivation, hitting, sibling rivalry, etc. Plus, there is information on how to submit your questions. We have a wonderful group of Positive Discipline Trainers who have volunteered to respond. 

Recommended Books

There are a lot of Positive Discipline books, as well as others authored by some of our Positive Discipline Lead Trainers. You'll find books on leadership, school administration, personal growth, etc. -- books for parents, teachers, counselors, and PD Trainers. All are consistent with the values and principles reflecting Positive Discipline and/or Adlerian theory. You'll also find information on the newest PD publications, including Positive Discipline in the School and Classroom Teachers' Guide: Activities For Students, Positive Discipline In the Christina Home, and Positive Discipline published in French!


Take the opportunity to see Jane Nelsen and other PD Trainers in short presentations
on a variety of PD topics. Trainers may also want to check out the Positive Discipline YouTube Channel for some ideas on marketing.

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