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Mulberry School - Los Gatos, California
Chalker Elementary - Kennesaw, Georgia
Unity Charter School - Morristown, NJ


The Positive Discipline Association is committed to practices that make schools better places for children and for the adults who guide them. We trust that the study and self-reflection embodied in the process for becoming a Demonstration School will enhance the entire educational program for a school. Schools that earn such recognition from the Association can also serve as places of study for others who want to learn about Positive Discipline in the Classroom.

A key component in the process of earning and sustaining Demonstration School recognition is the relationship between the school and the Certified Positive Discipline Trainer (CPDT) who provides on-going training, support and quality assurance. This connection can be creative, encouraging and educational. It should contribute to the development of a school climate that is conducive to learning in the broadest sense of the word.


In addition to the benefits of the relationship between the school and the CPDT, a commitment to Positive Discipline that leads to the recognition of a site as a Demonstration School:
Complements a commitment the school likely has already made to itself about how the school will function in and as a community.

  • Connects the school with other schools of similar philosophy.
  • Gives added value and visibility to the school.
  • Gives students and teachers an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to others.
  • Provides one free registration at each Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC) workshop if one is offered by a CPDT with whom they have a sustained and mutually beneficial relationship. The staff member must bring or purchase their own PDC book and manual. From time to time, additional slots at a reduced rate may be offered by the facilitator based upon availability and level of involvement with the school (and again, participants will need to bring or purchase books).
  • Provides an opportunity for visitors to see Positive Discipline in action.


Demonstration Schools provide an opportunity for visitors to see Positive Discipline in action. The Positive Discipline Association expects to be able to refer interested persons to your site, with prior arrangement to assure convenience and minimal interruption with the educational process. In collaboration with CPDTs who have served your school, we anticipate expanding our current 2-Day PDC Training to offer a visit to a Demonstration School site as the first day of a 3-Day Positive Discipline in the Classroom Training. This visit would be carefully planned well in advance, with every effort made to assure minimal interruption to the school day.


An Application Packet may be requested by emailing: info@positivediscipline.org

Please pay particular attention to the Application Form. The additional handouts which are a part of this packet will assist you in completing the application. Please note that applications are reviewed twice a year and are thus due to the PDA office by the first of December or the first of June.


Once recognized as a Demonstration School, the designation is a two year recognition. At the end of that time, the school may request to be re-designated. During the two years following designation, it is the responsibility of the school administration to let the Positive Discipline Association know if there are internal changes which would cause the school to no longer meet the Standards as outlined in the designation process.


When a school is designated as a Demonstration School by the Positive Discipline Association (PDA), a recognition ceremony can be arranged with the facilitating CPDT to meet the needs of the school in terms of visibility and publicity. The designation will be announced on the PDA website (which is viewed internationally) and will then be posted in the Demonstration School Section of the website. This accomplishment will also be announced on the PDA list-serve, which has a global connection for all those interested in PD.

It is anticipated that in most situations the CPDT most closely connected to the school will likely live within close proximity of the school served. Thus, there should be no expenses incurred for such a CPDT to assist with the ceremony. In the event, however, that travel expenses are incurred, the school and CPDT would need to work out an acceptable arrangement to cover expenses. The PDA may be able to assist to some degree. 


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