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Steps To Become A Certified Trainer
in Teaching Parenting The Positive Discipline Way (TP) 

 Step One: Become a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate

  • Take the Teaching Parenting the Positive Way (TP) workshop.
  • Read and practice - at home, at work, where ever you feel inspired and ready. (Refer to suggested reading list.)
  • Begin to internalize the key ideas and principles of Positive Discipline and Adlerian theory throughout your life.
  • Apply to become a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate (PDTC). This requires your submitting an application (Letter of Intent) and your annual membership dues. (See links below.)

Step Two: Expand and Implement Your Knowledge of PD and the PDA

  • Teach two or more 12 - 14 hour parenting class series, typically offered in a 7 week format.  Each session should have a minimum of six (6) attendees with eight (8) or more strongly recommended.
  • Be sure you have taken both core workshops: Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC) and Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way (TP).
  • Attend our annual members’ conference, Think Tank (strongly recommended).
  • Participate in a PDA mentor group or in a mentoring relationship to provide feedback, support and direction (strongly recommended).

  • IMPORTANT: If you co-facilitated these classes with another Trainer, you must teach at least one additional parenting class series and document that you have personally facilitated each core activity at least twice. To be ready for Advanced Candidate Training (ACT), it is essential that you have solid knowledge of the full TP curriculum, as well as experience in leadership/managing the group and facilitating each activity. 

Step Three: Determine Readiness To Attend Advanced Candidate Training (ACT)

  • Read the ACT Eligibility Policy, which describes the goals and purpose of ACT.
  • Evaluate whether you have internalized PD principles, are able to facilitate basic TP core activities effectively, understand and model PD and Adlerian values, and are confident with the PD experiential model. If so, then you are ready to apply to attend Advanced Candidate Training (ACT)!
Step Four: Apply To Attend Advanced Candidate Training (ACT)
  • Apply to attend Advanced Candidate Training (ACT), the culminating step towards certification as a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer.

    The following minimum standards must be met to be approved to attend ACT:
    • Prerequisite: PDA Trainer Level Membership of 6 months or more.
    • Prerequisite: Participation in both a Teaching Parenting (TP) and Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC) workshop.
    • Submit signed Letter of Understanding (LOU).
    • Submit all payments according to schedule – the $100 non-refundable application fee, a $200 deposit, and final balance of registration fee.
    • Submit face sheets and evaluations from two or more 12 - 14 hour parenting class series (typically offered in a 7 week format). (A total of 15 or more evaluations from both is preferred.)
    • Submit a 2-page paper summarizing 1 - 2 key principles from a book by Adler or Dreikurs and reflect on their impact for you personally and/or as a PD facilitator.
    • Attend at Think Tank at least once (strongly recommended).
    • Submit a recommendation from your PDA mentor or from a CPDT or CPDLT in your PD mentor group/affiliate (encouraged but not required).
  • Exceptions to these requirements will be considered when individuals have had extensive experience in working with the PD curriculum and/or Adlerian materials in alternative settings.
    • Pre-requisite: PDA membership of one year or more (three of more preferred).
    • Individuals must write a proposal and document an equivalent level of experience including teaching all core activities at least twice.
    • This should be sent in to the PDA Office at least one month before the deadline for submitting documentation for a scheduled Advanced Candidate Training (ACT).
    • Note: Because of the depth of preparation and communication required of our ACT facilitators, requests for an exception will not be considered or approved within 6 weeks of the date for ACT. 

Step Five: Attend Advanced Candidate Training

  • ACT is an intensive experience, with participants expected to facilitate activities as they would during an actual TP.
  • You will both give and receive extensive feedback designed to fine tune facilitation skills and to strengthen your knowledge of both the PD model and Adlerian practice.
  • Participate actively, with openness to learning and personal growth.

Step Six: Be Recommended For Certification 

  • The ACT facilitators determine whether an individual has met the goals and standards necessary for a recommendation for certification in Teaching Parenting. Attending ACT does not guarantee that you will be recommended for certification.
  • The PDA Board of Directors reviews recommendations and approves/disapproves certification.
IMPORTANT: Please refer to the policy Eligibility to Attend ACT for more details and to understand the goals of ACT and the intent behind these guidelines. You are encouraged to contact our PDA Office (or assigned ACT facilitators) with any questions or concerns

Advanced Candidate Training (ACT)

Eligibility Standards For Attending ACT

Policy: Goals and Eligibility Criteria For Attending ACT

Letter of Understanding (LoA)

Membership Application and Letter of Intent to Become a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate (PDTC)

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