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Frequently Asked Questions

As a new Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate (PDTC), you may have many questions regarding facilitating workshops, using your manuals, the next steps towards certification, and what kind of resources and help might be available for you. At any time, please feel free to contact our PDA office, your mentor, or one of our Board members. You can also bring your questions or concerns to the List Serve -- and you will be amazed at the enthusiasm, depth and quality of response you will receive! 

Below you will find links providing answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:  

I signed up to be a PDTC, what happens next?

If you have not yet taken both the Teaching Parenting (TP) and the Positive Discipline In the Classroom (PDC) workshops, it is recommended that you do that. Then, if you want to be certified in Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way, begin teaching the seven-week series of parenting classes. If you want to pursue certification for Positive Discipline in the Classroom, work with students in a classroom (either directly with your own class or by co-facilitating with teachers from two different classrooms) teaching the Building Blocks and implementing class meetings. Please send the evaluations for those experiences in to the PDA office, as this is a prerequisite for attendance at the Advanced Candidate Training, which is typically the last step prior to full certification.

After you have practiced (and, of course, learned from some mistakes), you may feel ready to attend the 3 - 4 day Advanced PDTC Training. This is usually offered once a year. Contact the Executive Director of the Association through the Positive Discipline Association Office as soon as you feel that you are ready to begin this process. Together, you can review your files and ensure that all prerequisite steps have been completed and documentation submitted. The organization typically schedules an Advanced Candiate Training (ACT) session as soon as twelve (12) PDTCs have indicated interest and readiness.

Alternative Route for Meeting the Implementation Requirements:

If you have been a long-term member of the PDA and have had extensive experience in implementing Positive Discipline In the classroom in other settings or formats, etc., you are welcome to submit a proposal requesting consideration and approval by the Board of Directors for utilizing these experiences to meet the implementation requirements. You will need to to describe your experience and provide appropriate evaluations/references. Contact Kathy Rinehart, the Executive Director of the PDA, for more information.

Should I go to Think Tank the first year I am a PDTC?

You are strongly encouraged and welcome to come to Think Tank, our members-only annual conference, as long as you have taken either a TP or a PDC workshop and have been welcomed as a PDTC. It is recommended that you have scheduled or provided at least one seven-week parenting class series or that you have had experience facilitating training with a Positive Discipline approach. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with and get inspired by other people from across the US (and some from other countries) who are doing this work. You will gain a sense of the incredible PD community and feel encouraged, inspired and enriched.

For Certified Positive Discipline Trainers (CPDTs) to maintain their certification, it is expected that they attend Think Tank at least every third year. This is the PDA's vehicle for professional development. Attendance enables CPDTs to remain current with core concepts and evolving knowledge. Any exceptions to this should be requested in writing and forwarded to the Board of Directors in care of the Executive Director of the PDA.

Do I have to send in evaluations after I met the requirements for certification?

After you have met the requirements of certification, you no longer need to send in the evaluations from your parenting classes or classroom work. The Association, however, does require that evaluations be submitted for any work done for the Association. After you have met the requirements for certification, you must send in evaluations for two reasons only:

You are asked to submit all of the evaluations for your Teaching Parenting and Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshops that have been listed on the PDA website. PDA Policy is that these must be submitted along with a roster before you will be issued your check.

If you are a member of the PDA Speaker's Bureau, you are asked to submit evaluations from any workshop or speaking engagement that was arranged as a result of a referral from the organization.

Once certified, you no longer need to send in the evaluations from your parenting classes or classroom work -- although, we love to receive copies of quotes both to see the good work that you are doing and to have access to material helpful for Positive Discipline "PR" efforts! You are encouraged to forward these, along with written permission slips, to our PDA office.

Where do I find the activities?

We are in the process of updating many of our manuals. In the interim, finding where a certain activity is can be a bit of a challenge. There is now a complete list of all of the printed activities in the front of each Manual. They are in alphabetical order. The page numbers are not 100% accurate . . . yet . . . but at least you’ll be aimed in the right direction.

Members at the Trainers and Trainer Candidate Level can also find an alphabetical list of activities available for download in the Trainers Section of the website.  The CPDT email List Serves is also an excellent resource for any questions you might have.

In addition, the PDA annual conference, Think Tank, is where new activities are shared, old ones modified and new ideas turned into activities. This information is then printed up in the Facilitator's Manual which is updated each year. Think Tank is a meaningful and enjoyable way to keep up with variations and extensions of Core Activities, plus many other new ideas. PDA members are encouraged to join us as often as possible!

I'm planning my parenting classes, where can I go for help?

When you have been approved as a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate (PDTC), you will be contacted by the CPDT who coordinates our mentoring process. You will be assigned a mentor and invited to contact your mentor with any questions you might have. In addition, you may contact the facilitator from whom you took either the Teaching Parenting or Positive Discipline In the Classroom training as an additional resource for guidance or support.

You are also encouraged to bring forward questions to the membership list serve, particularly those that have to do with ideas for activities or for reaching a certain type of audience. Plus, for further information, or to facilitate any of these options, you are always welcome to call or write the Positive Discipline Association office for guidance or direction.

PDA Contact Information:

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