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Mulberry School

Teaching the Way Children Learn
220 Belgatos Road 
Los Gatos, California 95032
(408) 358-9080
Head of School: Patti Wilczek

Mulberry School has used Positive Discipline for many years and to such an extent that the principles are integrated into the total school climate.  Teachers, students and parents are well versed in Positive Discipline.  Each teacher has attended specialized training and is skilled at teaching the Building Blocks for Class Meetings.  Children grow up at Mulberry using Class Meetings to give compliments, to help each other, and to solve problems.  They also have the opportunity, given developmental appropriateness, to plan events and learning activies to enrich their school experience.  Parents are offered opportunities to participate in parent education that is based upon Positive Discipline.  Such a coordinated effort to help children mature with personal responsibility and respect for all in the academic, home environment and wider community is to be applauded.  We encourage you to visit Mulberry School and are proud to use them as a Demonstration Site for Positive Discipline!

Mulberry School was founded in 1963 as a one-room parent-cooperative nursery school by those who saw a need for a school in this area that included parents as part of the educational process. Today, Mulberry is a community of learners where parents work hand-in-hand with the teachers to provide an optimum learning environment for children from 18 months through 5th grade.

Our mission is to provide a safe and creative learning community where the development of the whole child and active parent participation are integral to the day-to-day education experience. We are a non-profit and non-sectarian school.

There are many reasons why families choose Mulberry School. At Mulberry, learning is fun! Mulberry emphasizes academic excellence in balance with several other fundamental values—artistic creativity and self-expression, social conscience, physical and emotional well-being, respect for nature and our environment, and learning as connected to real life and life-skills. Small class sizes offer opportunities for cooperative and collaborative learning. Our focus on the learning process allows the student to develop a sense of ownership and pride in their education, in addition to a solid foundation of academic knowledge. At Mulberry, students learn who they are as a learner, as an individual, and as part of a group. Students are encouraged to think creatively and critically.

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At Mulberry, our children value their education, in part because they see that their parents care enough to invest their time and energy in the school. This sense of community extends beyond the classroom to the whole family. All of our participating parents learn the tools needed to apply the Positive Discipline philosophy in the classroom as well as at home. At Mulberry, children learn to resolve conflicts with mutual respect, cooperation and problem solving skills. Because children are valued and respected as unique individuals, they thrive knowing they are cared for, listened to and accepted.

And a few words from students, parents and teachers about Positive Discipline at Mulberry:

I think when I move on from Mulberry I will feel comfortable talking about problems I have with other people because of the positive discipline Mulberry provides. The stuff the teachers teach us makes us feel stronger and feel that everybody including me has a voice.

–5th grade student

Class meetings really help me get my opinion across because sometimes I feel that my opinions are a bit crazy but I know that everyone’s opinions count, and that feels good!

--5th grade student 

Here at Mulberry, I feel safe to say how I feel because I know that no one will make fun of me. Class meetings help because people who aren’t involved in the conflict could give me and others help to solve the problem. You can disagree and they won’t feel bad. Everyone listens to you at class meetings and everyone has an equal amount of respect.

--5th grade student

Class meetings are helpful because you can get it out of your system so it doesn’t affect your classwork. –5th grade student

I love that Positive Discipline has allowed us to become intentional parents, not “just fly by the seat of your pants” parents! I love that PD allows each of us to make mistakes and go back and try a different way to approach our problems or disagreements. PD has helped our family choose our battles so there have been fewer harsh words and more hugs instead!

--Susan, Mulberry parent of junior kindergartener and 5th grader

At Mulberry, the classroom is a safe place to “risk” yourself; be wrong or right; be happy or sad; to excel or “mess up”; your classmates will support you. Positive Discipline put an official name to our long-held principles which began in our parent co-op preschool 43 years ago. Mulberry has always treated children—and adults—with kindness and understanding. A perfect fit! --Jenny, 4th grade Mulberry teacher

During class meetings, kids are able to make class agreements, problem solve, plan parties, brainstorm ideas, give compliments and share accomplishments together. Class meetings give us a wonderful sense of community.

–Rita and Jane, 1st and 2nd grade Mulberry teachers

When they leave Mulberry, our students not only take with them wonderful memories but also a true sense of themselves. They continue on in their education as socially adept, emotionally intelligent students who can advocate for their own needs while offering encouragement to others.


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