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A simple Search lets you find a local Positive Discipline (PD) Trainer using keywords such as first or last name.

Advanced Search lets you use Level of Training, City, or partial to full Zip Code. For example, you can find members of the Speakers Bureau or, by entering “Begins With” and the number 9 under zip code, you can locate all our members on the West coast.

See Levels of Training for a full description of the meaning of different titles. To summarize:

·       Speakers Bureau – Authorized to represent the PDA in presenting organization-wide or school-wide programs, keynotes, etc.

·       Lead Trainer (LT) – Provides the advanced training for our certification program.

·       Trainer (CPDT) – Completed our advanced training program and authorized to offer our core training, either Positive Discipline in the Classroom, Teaching Parenting or both.

·      Trainer Candidate (PDTC) – A CPDPE or CPDCE enrolled in our advanced training program.

Write the Positive Discipline Office at or call 1.866.POS.DISC (866.767.3472) for assistance in finding a trainer or to arrange for a workshop customized for your school or organization.

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