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Steps To Become a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer (CPDT)

The purpose of certification is to deepen one's knowledge and capacity in Positive Discipline and Adlerian theory and to strengthen individual expertise with the practice of teaching Positive Discipline experientially to different groups. This prepares you to become a "trainer of trainers" (CPDT) and facilitate one of our two core workshops. You can be certified to teach either one or both.

The certification process is flexible and very supportive. Everyone moves at their own pace. In fact, we encourage you to continue practicing and learning at each step until you feel that you have a solid understanding of the curriculum and facilitation process in your area of focus. Our purpose and goal as an organization is to provide a variety of resources that emphasizes collaboration and encouragement and to support you on your Positive Discipline journey.

Step One – Prerequisite Training

To be able to enter our advanced training program and become a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate (PDTC), you need to have taken EITHER one of our two day core workshops:

Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way (TP)

Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC)

Eventually, you will need to take both workshops to become a CPDT. You can be certified in either one of both if you choose to do so. This means that you can be a trainer of trainers by facilitating TP and/or a PDC workshops.

Step Two – Begin To Implement What You Have Learned

Actively implement what you are learning in your area of focus: at home, with a parenting group, in a classroom, in the workplace, or in other settings. The more you apply and experience the results of using Positive Discipline in your life and work, the more deeply you will understand and internalize it. Ultimately, this will make you a more effective PD Trainer.

Step Three - Declare Your Intent to Become a CPDT

Once you have taken either the Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way or Positive Discipline in the Classroom core workshop, you can send in your Application and Letter of Intent and pay your yearly membership fee to become a Trainer Candidate (PDTC) and a member of our Association. By becoming a member of the Positive Discipline Association, you make a commitment to practice and develop your skills and knowledge.

Step Four – Complete Implementation Prerequisites

As part of the certification process, it is required that you practice what you will be teaching. It is hoped that you develop a strong working knowledge of both theory and practice.

Each area of certification has specific requirements designed to ensure that you fully understand the curriculum, the facilitation process, and the values and key principles of PD and Adlerian theory. Please read the appropriate sections very carefully as you prepare to proceed further.

Steps For Certification In Teaching Parenting (TP)

Steps For Certification In Positive Discipline In the Classroom (PDC)

Step Five – Participate in Advanced Candidate Training (ACT)

Advanced Candidate Training functions similar to an intense retreat. It is designed to strengthen your facilitation skills, deepen your understanding of Adlerian and Positive Discipline theory and practice, and provide a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth. You will be expected to demonstrate your facilitator skills with the group, receive, and are expected to offer, extensive feedback and will participate in a process designed to build your capacity as a PD Trainer on every level. Please read the following detailed information.

Advanced Candidate Training (ACT)

Eligibility Standards For Attending ACT

Benefits of Becoming a CPDT

Responsibilities of Being a CPDT

Membership Application and Letter of Intent to Become a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate (PDTC)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Positive Discipline Certification Process

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