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Save the Dates:  Positive Discipline 

Professional DEVELOPMENT

The 2017 Positive Discipline Annual Conference at Butler University will feature presentations for educators, clinicians, and parents. Spend the day developing Positive Discipline tools for home and school, or to support others through your coaching, consulting or counseling practice. CE Credit available. Click Here to Register.

The Positive Discipline Association is collaborating with ICASSI (International Committee for Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes) July 2017 at Butler University. ICASSI will follow Think Tank and Conference. One-week and two-week summer school options are open for registration and will begin on July 16th. To learn more go to: www.icassi.net.

Lynn Lott's 3-Day Encouragement Consultant certification workshop is being offered as a Pre-Conference option on July 10, 11, and 12 at Butler University.


Think Tank 2017 - Are you ready!

The planning committee is hard at work to make the 2017 Think Tank our best event yet! We’re incorporating feedback from prior events and integrating opportunities for you to improve and deepen your practice while feeling supported by the worldwide Positive Discipline family. We are excited to be at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana inside their new Fairview House. This is a residence/meeting space which was built for collaboration so expect that there will be ample opportunities to connect and grow. Our theme is Gemeinschaftsgefuhl - Bringing the World Together! We look forward to seeing you there. Click Here to Register.

Cathy Kawakami, Kelly Pfeiffer, Suzanne Smitha McPherson—Your 2017 Think Tank Planners!


The Positive Discipline Association welcomes twelve new trainers to the organization. Barcelona, Spain was the setting for another Advanced Candidate Training held March 14 – 17, 2017 preceding the first Positive Discipline European Conference. The group of twelve candidates represented eight countries from Europe and Asia. This four day intensive training took place on the campus of Jesuïtes Sarrià - Sant Ignasi where candidates slept in dorm like rooms and ate meals prepared by the nuns in service at the school. Lead Trainers Cheryl Erwin and Kelly Pfeiffer facilitated the Barcelona ACT with support from Lead Trainer Jane Weed-Pomerantz. 

Congratulations to the following new Positive Discipline Trainers: 

Karine Quarez, Angelica Joya, Anne-Severine Jeanneau,  Aerian Gray, Sonja Sutcliffe, Mylena Fuentes, Cristina Varriale, Phillippe Hochstrasser, Sylvia Anderson-Hanney, KC Hill, Karrina Wong, Celine Chicote-Navas.


The first Positive Discipline European Conference in Barcelona Spain was a huge success! Participants traveled from all over the world. Twenty-four countries were represented. The energy of this group, the interest in building connections around the world, and the emphasis on respectful relationships in home and schools was felt throughout the entire weekend. A gathering of 130 people came from: Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Malta, Mauritius, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United State of America.

A special thanks to the Spanish Association (ADPE), Bibiana Infante and her team who were incredibly helpful, taking registrations, responding to everyone’s questions, doing all the finances, and organizing the conference. Cristina Sanz and Véronique Flores Moreau organized all the interpreting team (thanks to all the interpreters!!). Finally, Nuria Rodriguez Font hosted the conference at her school, the Jesuïtes Sarrià - Sant Ignasi. Nuria organized all the logistics including the rooms, meals, and much more.

North American Society of Adlerian Psychology's Vancouver CONFERENCE

The annual NASAP conference in 2017 will be held in Vancouver, BC at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel May 18-21. Click Here for more details.


Mentor Groups are a great way to connect with others and improve your facilitation skills. We have many groups around the world as well as the following online virtual mentor groups:

European Virtual Mentor Group

North American Virtual Mentor Group

Latin America Virtual Mentor Group

You will find a complete list of mentoring groups at: https://positivediscipline.org/Mentor-Groups

Introducing Trainer Candidates

Kira Armbruster



Kira is a school psychologist in Clovis, California.  Introduced to Positive Discipline a year ago, Kira has been attending additional trainings, doing research and incorporating Positive Discipline into her classrooms.  Positive Discipline has given Kira a better understanding of how healthy family structures and parent-child relationships should work. Ultimately, Kira would like to become a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer to continue her work delving deeper into all aspects of Positive Discipline in order to provide the best and most beneficial help to the staff, students and parents with whom she works.

Martine Cavillon

Martine Cavillon Picture.jpg



Martine have been a physics teacher since September 1998 in the Institut de Genech, a multifaceted school teaching students of varying abilities in grammar school through high school  in Northern France.  Since learning about Positive Discipline last spring, Martine has found her life and her classroom enriched by the theory and methods she shares with her students.  She has witnessed as Positive Discipline has given her students a sense of well being as well as better interaction with their peers and teachers .  Martine would like to be a Trainer Candidate so she can further implement Positive Discipline in her school and hopefully make it a pilot institution.

Christine Chen

Christine Chen Picture.jpg



Christine is a Montessori teacher and trainer in Northern Virginia.  First introduced to Positive Discipline by Chip DeLorenzo, Christine has seen how Positive Discipline helps children, teachers and parents communicate better, treat each other with respect and ultimately learn to make choices with their words and actions.  Over the past several years, Christine has published articles, co-presented a Positive Discipline in the Classroom at Virginia Montessori Association’s Annual Conference, and is preparing to co-teach a Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way six week workshop. Christine wants to become a Trainer Candidate to facilitate local workshops as well as to encourage and assist local schools in implementing Positive Discipline into their programs.

Tim Chen

Tim Chen Picture.jpg



Tim’s purpose for pursuing the Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate designation is to deepen his knowledge of the Positive Discipline philosophy and to refine his mastery of Positive Discipline methods.  After attending his first Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshop, Tim saw an inner transformation take place which reflected in his relationships with others.  Tim saw how the practical aspect of showing respect to children, especially in challenging situations, improves his relationship with those students.  He was better able to understand their frustrations and help them to find workable solutions.  Tim looks forward to sharing Positive Discipline with other teachers and helping them to overcome their discipline challenges.

Michelle Gossling Cardoso

Michelle Cardoso.jpg


556 1333 467710

Michelle, who lives in Brasilia, Brazil, describes herself as a pleasant and cheerful educator.  After taking part in several Positive Discipline workshops, Michelle put into practice many of the methods prescribed by Positive Discipline including classroom meetings, wheel of choices and time out spaces.  Seeing the effectiveness of these methods, Michelle has become a strong advocate for Positive Discipline.  By becoming a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate, Michelle hopes to further study and understand Positive Discipline and more effectively share her knowledge with others.  

Lisa Herold



Lisa is a former teacher who is now working as a Faculty/ Parent Consultant at St. Clement School in Chicago, IL.  When first introduced to Positive Discipline, Lisa found many commonalities between Positive Discipline and her teaching philosophy - Love, Enjoy & Teach.  For Lisa, Positive Discipline helps parents and teachers connect to and understand children, and helps children and adults understand how they should treat one another.  Lisa has recognized the power of Positive Discipline in her community and can’t wait to further share that with others.

Ting Ting Liu

Ting Ting Liu Picture.jpg



Ting Ting Liu has been facilitating Positive Discipline parenting workshops in Xi’An China for three years.  With a desire to gain a deeper understanding of the Positive Discipline tools along with the psychological theory behind each tool, Ting Ting seeks to become a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate. Ting Ting has witnessed first hand the amazing outcomes of Positive Discipline in her own home as she has raised her daughter with the recommended combination of firmness and kindness.  Ting Ting seeks to further expand her career as a parent educator sharing Positive DIscipline with others.

Chao Lu

Chao Lu Picture.jpg



Chao is a teacher and a father in Neijang, China.  With a deep regard for family education, Chao has greatly enjoyed learning about Positive Discipline and, having been certified as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, is starting to facilitate trainings in his own school. Chao has seen Positive Discipline work to solve problems where other methods have failed, and wants to spread the Positive Discipline methods to others in China.

Nuria Ortega Cabrera

Nuria Ortega Picture.jpg



Nuria does freelance Positive Discipline training in Barcelona, Spain for schools and families.  Nuria has seen first hand the benefits of Positive Discipline in her own family; she has gained confidence as a parent and has enjoyed the fruits of PD in her relationship with her own children.  By becoming a Trainer Candidate, Nuria seeks to further spread Positive Discipline by training educators and parents in Spain.

Valerie Ritchie

Valerie Ritchie Picture.jpg



Originally from the Netherlands, Valerie now lives in Chicago and is working on developing her career as a Parent Coach.  She was inspired when she participated in Positive Discipline  Founder Jane Nelsen’s training in 2014.  Valerie is currently participating in the Chicago Positive Discipline Study Group and Mentor Group, and is co-facilitating workshops with plans for a new (and challenging) workshop that will focus on using Positive Discipline methods with teens.  Long term, Valerie plans to take what she has learned in her Positive Discipline training back to The Netherlands where she will build her own coaching and Positive Discipline Practice there.

Alan Wong

Alan Wong Picture.jpg



Alan Wong, who lives in Seattle, is a recently-hired facilitator for Sound Discipline, a non-profit which uses Positive Discipline techniques to strengthen relationships between children, their teachers, parents and communities.  Sound Discipline offers Positive Discipline in the Classroom and and Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline way trainings. Alan has spent 15 years working in education, mainly training teachers in effective strategies for engaging students and building supportive learning environments. Learning Positive Discipline theory and practices has added a whole new dimension to Alan’s work.


Joanne Baranowska

Joanna Baranowksa Picture.jpg



Joanna is a psychologist/ trainer/ coach living in Warsaw, Poland.   Already a Certified Positive Discipline Educator,  Joanna has worked to spread the Positive Discipline message by organizing a crowdfunding campaign in Poland to translate and publish Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline book and the 52 parenting cards into the Polish language.  These are both in their second edition! Joanna’s long term goals are to deliver Positive Discipline to every home, school and preschool in Poland by conducting workshops, building parenting communities that use Positive Discipline, and supporting Educators who want to integrate Positive Discipline into their classrooms.  

LaVonne Chastain

LaVonne Chastain Picture.JPG



Lavonne is currently working as the director for New Teacher Induction in Kings County, California.  Having recently taught sixth grade in a classroom with many behavioral issues, Lavonne successfully put Positive Discipline into practice with amazing outcomes for her students.  Lavonne feels that the current teacher training system fails to prepare new educators to help students become socially and emotionally successful .  LaVonne has seen how Positive Discipline can help educators get to the heart of disruptive behavior and thereby learn to interact with and help troubled kids learn to be successful.

Ken Davis

Ken Davis Picture.jpg


973 229445

In his work as an Admissions and Marketing Coordinator for a Pre-K through 12 school in Bahrain, Ken sees Positive Discipline as “an approach that can be applied to every relationship and interaction in life. The idea of the innate desire for each and every human to want to belong and contribute is a powerful, yet simple way to explain human behaviors and the goals with which our actions are driven.” Ken has facilitated Parenting Book Clubs using many of the Positive DIscipline methods and has seen the program resonate with parents. Currently, Ken’s school is implementing both teacher and parenting training in Positive Discipline, getting buy in from across his entire school community.  Ken’s long term goal is for his school to become a leader for the movement amongst schools in the Middle East and for him to be a leader in sharing the movement with others.

Carmen Fernandez Rivas

Carmen Fernández Rivas Picture.JPG



Carmen is a Family Coach specializing in emotional intelligence in Guadalajara, Spain. She is the founder of the project Padres Ayudando Padres (Parents Helping Parents).  Raising a son, Carmen found some of the learned behaviors she was passing along to him weren’t cultivating mutual respect in her own home.  Once she learned and introduced Positive Discipline, she saw respect begin to take root in her family, and found harmony in her relationship with others.  Carmen hopes that becoming a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate will help her learn more and further disseminate Positive Discipline in Spain.

Georgina Gurdian Fumero



Georgina Gurdian Fumero is a social activist in San Jose, Costa Rica whose work focuses on fighting child abuse in her country.  Georgina is a Certified Parent and Classroom educator who strongly values giving parents the tools to raise their children in an environment full of love and respect.  It is Georgina’s plan to use her Positive Discipline Training in Child Advocacy programs in her local hospital.  

Cristina Herrera

Cristina Herrera Picture.jpg



Since 2014, Cristina Herrera has been sharing the value of Positive Discipline in communities around Santiago, Chile.  With a considerable increase in the number of single mothers in Chile, Cristina sees a great need for helping these women learn the value of Positive Discipline.  

Cristina began by facilitating workshops in under resourced schools, and has further spread the Positive Discipline message by facilitating workshops for University Students as well as parents in both Corporate and Government settings.

Zhang (Shelley) Hua

Shelley Hua.jpg

While working in the business world, Zhang discovered Positive Discipline when she was faced with challenges from her son.  Positive Discipline helped her find solutions to those challenges and ultimately helped her family find peace in their home.  Now, four years later, Zhang is a facilitator for Positive Discipline workshops in Shangdong, China.  She seeks to become a Trainer Candidate so she can further lead parents who want more training in Positive Discipline.  

Sarah Joseph

Sarah Joseph Picture.jpg



Sarah is a social worker and mother of two in Roberts Creek, British Columbia where her community has fully embraced Positive Discipline.  She has been integrating Positive Discipline  concepts into her parent education and support work since 2013.  After receiving funding to run ten free PD Parent Workshops in her community, they have now trained more than 20 new Positive Discipline facilitators and 24 teachers.  Being the first Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Sarah has supported new facilitators in their workshops.  Sarah seeks to become a Trainer Candidate so she can continue to support and train new facilitators in a more consistent and less expensive manner.  

Betty Peralta

Betty Peralta Picture.jpg



Betty is a Sound Discipline facilitator and therapist in Seattle, Washington who desires to be a part of the movement towards more peaceful parenting methods.  Thus far, Positive Discipline methods have helped Betty to feel more confident in modeling effective parent/ child and teacher/ child interactions.  Going forward, Betty would like to further spread Positive Discipline methods by facilitating Positive Discipline in the Classroom and Teaching Parenting Workshops in her local school communities.

Lei (Elly) Wang

Lei Wang Picture.JPG



Elly’s purpose for applying to be a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate is to deepen her knowledge in Positive Discipline and Adlerian theory. Having recently moved from China to Canada, Elly plans to facilitate Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way workshops to parents in British Columbia.

Zhu Yu

Photo unavailable



Zhu, a teacher in Luoyang, Henan Province, China, has found Positive Discipline to be a great tool for building equality, respect and a sense of self worth and belonging for her students.   Zhu hopes to become a Trainer to promote Positive Discipline and a way to inspire people to think about problems and find solutions based on logic that demonstrate love and respect.

*Any recent Trainer Candidates applicants will be announced in 

the PDA Summer Newsletter. 

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