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Please Note: This workshop is for Certified Positive Discipline Educators and Trainers who have completed one of the Core Workshops.

The Art of Teaching Positive Discipline (developed by Jane Nelsen and Nadine Gaudin) is an experiential 2 days workshop. You will go deeper into facilitation skills, grow as a person, and have fun! This workshop (with many new activities) is meant for you to see where and how you can model Positive Discipline even more and raise your awareness on your facilitation skills. There are many new activities that you have never experienced!

Examples of Activities: 

  • Enhance a Growth Mindset
  • Foster Participation
  • Hold a Secure Atmosphere 
  • Be Grounded 
  • Walk Your Talk 
  • Not Letting Participants Talk Too Much

Learning Objectives:
  • Modeling through leadership, facilitation skills to support total group participation and engagement, encouraging group cohesiveness. 
  • Understand how to use PD with your colleagues (for co-facilitation and cooperation as a group).
  • Grow your self-encouragement and deepen your Adlerian understanding.

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