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what's new

  • Free Teleconference Library for Members — The Teleconference Library is now available free to members.
  • Positive Discipline Educator Facebook Group — To make it more convenient to connect and share, we have created a Facebook Group for Certified Positive Discipline Parent and Classroom Educators. This is a great place to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with others who are passionate about Positive Discipline.
  • Professional Development Videos — There is now a series of Lead Trainer Conversations available on our Professional Development page. This page will be used for many educational resources that will help you with your Positive Discipline journey.
  • Website Improvements — The website was updated to a new responsive, mobile-friendly design. Please don't hesitate to suggest additional improvements and point out errors that need to be fixed. 
  • Research — PDA Collaborative research has begun with Dr. Eva Dreikurs Ferguson and the University of Southern Illinois.
  • Training — A record number of people attended the core workshops both domestically and internationally and Positive Discipline continues to expand globally.

conferences and think tank

San Diego Conference:  August 5, 2016 

East Coast Conference:  October 22, 2016 

With pre and post Conference TP and PDC Core Workshop options. 

Registration Information Coming Soon!

Think Tank in San Diego:  August 5-8, 2016

Please Note: Think Tank registration is open to Trainers, Trainer Candidates and Educator Level members. Click Here to view attendance requirements for Trainers.

france ACT

We are thrilled to present to you the full group of ACT participants from “The Paris ACTitude 2016!” During the first week of February 2016, Lead Trainers Beatrice Sabate and Teresa LaSala, assisted and supported by Nadine Gaudin and Armelle Martin, had the honor of facilitating an amazing ACT training, in beautiful Paris, France. This was the first ACT ever conducted entirely in French. (Teresa, the only one present not fluent in French, felt incredible gratitude and appreciation for the amazing translator, Helen!) The ACT was facilitated in the lovely 16th District of Paris, just yards away from a full view of the Eiffel Tower!

The group which consisted of Marine Bazin, Abla Benbachir, Axelle Berger, Anne Burrus, Valerie Gautron, Amal Hassoun, Insaff Hassoun, Chahra Jobrel, Anne Claire Kleindniest, Genevieve Lafont, Agnes Nobileau, and Florence Samarine, nine participants from various regions of France and three from Morocco!

These new colleagues are so deeply grounded in the principals of Adler, Dreikurs and Discipline Positive! They came into the ACT strong, highly skilled, with passion, courage, and open mind and most of all, an open heart!

Please join Beatrice, Teresa, Nadine, and Armelle in welcoming these new Certified Trainer’s to our DP/PD family!

“The ACT training and process is just SO amazing! It was an incredible week of learning and sharing for everyone present. Certainly one of the deepest learning experiences I’ve had to date. I am so grateful for this work and ALL those who have entered my life through Positive Discipline!” Teresa LaSala

Research Update

Positive Discipline Research Study is Underway in Chicago

Monica Holliday, Psy.D., Kristin Hovious, and Dana Thomas, Ed.S., three Positive Discipline Parent Educators in Chicago, Illinois, are implementing the research study designed by Eva Dreikers Ferguson in collaboration with the Positive Discipline Association. Monica, Kristin, and Dana have spent many hours volunteering to support this research effort. They recruited 36 families to participate in the study. Participants attended pre-interview sessions, where surveys were completed by both parents and children. Families were then randomly assigned to experimental or control groups. Class attendance and enthusiasm are high, and these Positive Discipline Parent Educators are enjoying working and learning together. What a great opportunity!

If you would like to learn more about conducting this research study in your area, please visit the Positive Discipline Research table at Think Tank or contact Kelly Gfroerer at Kelly@PositiveDiscipline.org.

Announcing New Trainer Candidates

Li Zhou

Guangzhou, China

Li has been a Positive Discipline facilitator for one year and is dedicated to expanding Positive Discipline in China. In her personal life, Positive Discipline has reinforced the connection with her 14-year-old son, as well as improved communication between her and her husband. She believes that she can help more families and eventually hopes to become a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer.

Email: cherryzhouworkshop@163.com

Cell: 13922423246

Kristen Hovious

Chicago, Illinois

Kristen is a Positive Discipline Parent Educator as well as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. She has a dream that one day, children introduced to Positive Discipline concepts in homes, schools and after-school programs will populate a more peaceful Chicago. She’d like to serve as facilitator for parents and teachers inspired to learn more about why children do what they do, and how to meet children where they are to help build stronger relationships within the family and classroom.

Email: khovious@gmail.com

Cell: (312) 852-3249

Cristina Sanz Ferrero

Valencia, Spain

Cristina is a Montessori Teacher. She would like to deepen her knowledge of Positive Discipline and challenge herself to continue her journey helping more adults empower children at home and in school. As a founding member of Disciplina Positiva España and a colleague of Bibiana Infante Cano, Positive Discipline Candidate Trainer, she is encouraged and inspired to develop more respectful relationships both as a teacher and as a human being.

Email: csanzferrero@hotmail.com

Cell: 0034 660 449 478

Melody Fananapazir

Sacramento, California

As a psychologist, active member of her local mom's group and the Vice President of the PTO at her children's school, Melody has seen a lot of interest in Positive Discipline in her area. She currently teaches some parenting workshops and has been working weekly in two classrooms teaching the social/emotional lessons from the PDC teacher's handbook. She finds Positive Discipline to be a great fit not only for her family, but also for her career.

Email: melodyaf@hotmail.com

Cell: (443) 846-1002

Analisa Williams

Panama City, Panama

In 2004, Analisa founded and now runs a cultural center in Panama for children and adults. The center holds workshops and classes related to the arts. In September 2014 she started implementing Positive Discipline in all the classes and workshops. She now holds parent workshops once a month, as well as several private workshops (in families, schools, companies, communities and others). She believes Positive Discipline has the power to transform and wishes to be part of the expansion in her country.

Email: analisawilliams@hotmail.com

Cell: (507) 661-80076

Jody Malterre 

Boise, Idaho

Jody is a Montessori Teacher Trainer and adjunct professor of Montessori education at Westminster College. This role positions her to have a direct line of impact to new and, often young, teachers. She believes this is a critical time to give them effective tools.

Being a teacher of adults comes naturally to Jody and she feels honored to use her skills to grow the Positive Discipline influence in her community.

Email: jodymalterre@mac.com

Cell: (207) 761-9080

Mary Alejandra Sandoval Piñeda

Monterrey, Mexico

Mary is a Family Psychologist, wife and mother of three, and has been holding private therapy sessions and offering Positive Discipline workshops to parents and teachers for two years. By becoming a Trainer Candidate, she wishes to transform education from the inside. Her plan is to continue sharing this model of parenting to teachers, parents, guardians and anyone else who may be interested.

Email: alejandra.mary@gmail.com

Cell: 5218113480796

Hui Tong

Beijing, China

Hui is the cofounder of www.davdian.com, a site that invites parents of children K-12 to learn, network and shop. The site now boasts more than 40 million members. She is currently in the process of starting a new company that will help certified Positive Discipline facilitators practice their skills and market their classes.

Email: 13322245045@163.com

Cell: 86-13322245045

Shuli Zheng

Shenzhen, China

Shuli is a Psychological Counselor and Trainer. In addition to founding a mutual help group for new PD educators, she also founded two Toastmasters Clubs for PD mothers. In 2014, Shuli, together with Angela Zhang, established SanYou Educational Organization, which has successfully provided over 100 two- and three-day PD parenting workshops to thousands of participants in different kindergartens and schools. She is currently responsible for organizing the online mentoring group for PD China.

Email: shulizheng_pd@sina.com

Cell: 008618665879978

Zhang Chun

Xiamen, China

Zhang is a Project Manager and Department Leader in Finance. She’s also a senior member of Toastmasters. She has conducted several Positive Discipline classes and in April will be leading her first parenting class. As a Trainer Candidate, she will continue to study Positive Discipline in the Classroom, hold more workshops and classes, and dig deeper into Adlerian and relative psychological theory.

Email: annchun23@qq.com

Cell: +86 18650155319

Orie Medicine Bull

Ashland, Montana

As a college instructor and Licensed Addiction Counselor, Orie is able to integrate and utilize Positive Discipline in her practice with students, children, parents, teachers, educators and families. She currently co-facilitates Positive Discipline workshops and looks forward to enhancing her capabilities to be able to offer additional opportunities for the Northern Cheyenne, Crow and other Native American communities with a special interest in the northern plains area where she resides.

Email: omedicinebull@stlabre.org

Cell: (559) 554-4567

Sylwia Anderson Hanney

Milanowek, Poland

Before becoming involved with Positive Discipline, Sylwia held parenting workshops for four years and was a primary school teacher and family assistant (social worker), building on an academic background in pedagogy, coaching and social work.

As one of a team of four, she was instrumental in making the Polish edition of the Positive Discipline book and Tool Cards available in Poland. At present, she is the first and only Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator in Poland and has been actively holding workshops for both teachers and parents since mid 2015.

Email: sandersonhanney@gmail.com

Cell: +48792307301

Ruth Oclander

Portland, Oregon

Ruth is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Yoga Teacher. As a Trainer Candidate, she plans to offer workshops to parents in her community with children in both preschool and elementary school. With an 8-year old daughter and 10 year-old son she feels very connected to young populations and predicts being able to eventually offer classes for parents with teens. Every day she is able to make choices that she wouldn’t have access to without Positive Discipline and feels energized to know that her children are learning mutual respect and responsibility without punishment.

Email: ruth.oclander@gmail.com

Cell: (503) 417-7883

Monica Holliday

Chicago, Illinois

Monica is a Psychologist who has recently been bringing Positive Discipline and Adlerian theories and concepts into active practice through her therapeutic work with children and parents. In the past few months she has been co-facilitating a 7-week Positive Discipline Parenting class together with Marine Bazin. She’s very excited to introduce PD concepts to a medium-sized group of parents from an international school community. She’s also been facilitating a 7-week Positive Discipline Parenting class on her own with a group of parents who have children with behavioral difficulties or developmental delays.

Email: mjholliday@gmail.com

Cell: (847) 867-3653

Sam Yang

Beijing, China

Sam has held over 48 three-day Positive Discipline Parent Classes in the past two years. In July 2014, he founded Positive Discipline Studio and organized 10 workshops to help non-English speaking parents become certified through the DVD training materials. Sam would like to improve and “fine tune” his presentation of content and activities, as well as the process of experiential presentation in order to provide more support and coaching to those parents who want to be CPDPEs.

Email: samyang@pdeducator.com

Cell: +86-10-13911058958

Committee Reports

Mentor Committee

The Mentor Committee is currently working on the following projects:

  • Updating  a survey to send to those being mentored to get feedback about how the mentoring process is going for new members. 
  • Developing a survey to go out to those providing mentoring.
  • Updating the qualifications and guidelines for being a mentor. 
  • A new welcome letter explaining the mentoring program to new trainer candidates.
  • A list of Global connections is being created to help find mentors for trainer candidates in specific countries.
  • There is now an exit questionnaires for the mentorship relationship to evaluate the program, and the needs of the new trainer.
  • list of mentor groups is now worldwide on the website. The growth of Positive Discipline is amazing. 
  • The committee plans to focus on virtual mentoring platforms to help mentor members who are at the educator level.
If you have a mentor group not currently listed on the PDA website, please email the group information to info@positivediscipline.com, so it can be added as a resource in your local area.

Expansion Committee

The PD Expansion Committee is encouraging our membership in full force! This past month we had 2 new members join our call. One Educator from France wanted some feedback about marketing her online class offerings and the other, from Colorado was struggling to fill classes. In both cases we brainstormed solutions, created a goal, and chose to be accountable to the group on the next call!

Our next call is April 12th at 12pm EST. If you are interested in joining us, please do so by emailing Paige Michaelis at: info@1minutemommy.com

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