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The Positive Discipline Association's Board of Directors provided membership updates at Think Tank.  Below are the highlights:

Positive Discipline continues to expand in the United States and around the world, and is now in 54 countries. There are three Positive Discipline Association Global Affiliates: France, China, and now Columbia. 

The Board thanked those who donated to the transition fund two years ago as this fund has helped support steady growth.  

The Positive Discipline Association Board of Directors will focus on the following goals for 2015-16: 

  1. Quality and Standardization of Training at all levels, including Professional Development and Continuing Education.
  2. Parenting Research will include an evidence-based study under the direction of Dr. Eva Dreikurs Ferguson that will begin Fall 2015. 
  3. Financial transitioning. The Positive Discipline Association has contracted the services of a local San Diego Financial firm with an expertise in supporting non-profit organizations.
  4. Members Services will continue to focus on U.S. as well as global expansion, support, and collaboration. 

Thank you to Deborah Owen-Sohocki and Mary Hogan Jones for serving as Co-Chairs on the Positive Discipline Association's Board of Directors. The Board elected by vote Carol Dores and Kelly Gfroerer to serve in the co-chair board positions. 

We would also like to thank Gary Hughes, Treasurer, and Jane Weed Pomerantz, Director, for their years of service on the Board. Both Gary and Jane's board positions will end in December of 2015.

If you feel called and have specific skills that align well with the Positive Discipline Association, we encourage you to apply for a Board of Director's position. Here is the application.


If you have any questions or would like to discus potentially contributing by serving on the Board of Directors, please contact any of the current board members. 

Conference and Think Tank 2015

The Positive Discipline Association's Annual Conference was held on July 24th in San Diego. 

Open to the public, over 200 people attended!

Presentation topics included: 

  • Moving from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation
  • Solving the Mystery of Teens
  • Helping Young Children Navigate Big Emotions
  • Managing the Media Monster
  • Positive Discipline Tools for the Classroom
  • Gender Diversity
  • Gender Creative Experiences
  • Gender-Inclusive Environments
  • Class Meeting in Crowded School Curriculum
  • Parenting in the Real World
  • The Power of Connection
  • Understanding Trauma and its Effect on Behavior. 

A big thank you to all presenters, organizers, and volunteers for helping to make this year's Positive Discipline Conference a big success!

We are so grateful for the hard work of the Think Tank Planning Committee: Dodie Blomberg, Penny Davis, and Casey O'Roarty!
This year 124 members attended Think Tank including Educators, Trainers, and Lead Trainers. There was a great mixture of Positive Discipline core activities and new activities as well as PHPPSS and THTPSS sessions in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Participants also had a choice of Early Childhood, Adolescence, Advanced Positive Discipline in the Classroom/Whole School or General Teaching Parents breakout sessions. 

There were two group dinners on Friday evening  that were well attended as well as a dinner Sunday night at the Cosmopolitan. Thank you to Talin Yesaie for all your support and planning to make this dinner possible. Also, thank you to Teresa LaSala for coordinating all logistics and facilitates on site at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego. 

We look forward to connecting again in 2016! Stay tuned for dates and location!

Think Tank Slide Show

Announcing Colombia Global Partner

We are pleased to announce our newest Global Partner in Colombia!

Board members are: 

Gigi Nuñez -president

Leydi Garcia -Co-chair: PD member and aplicant for ACT Cartagena 2015

Pamela Moreno-Chair: PD member and  applicant for ACT Cartagena 2015

Liliana Machado-Chair: PD member and CPDCE, CPDPE 

Sandra Alarcon-Chair: CPDCE, CPDPE 

Margret Celis Bedoya-Chair: CPDPE 

Maritza Niño-treasure: CPDCE, CPDPE 

Vivian Jimenez-legal representative:  CPDCE, CPDPE 


Continuing Education

Licensed and certified professionals often need Continuing Education Credits (CE’s) as a professional standard.  The requirements differ state by state, and profession by profession.  Some CE providers have reciprocal agreements with other professions and states. 


We now are able to offer many different CE options for PDA-sponsored core workshops.  

  • The PDA has offered CE's through the California Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) in the past, and we continue to be a provider. PCE 3902 
  • The PDA is an affiliate of NASAP (North American Society of Adlerian Psychology). As such, PDA sponsored core workshops, conference, and Think Tank are co-sponsored by the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP). NASAP is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for Psychologists.

  • The PDA has been approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. ACEP No. 6723

  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW) operates on a state by state basis. They do not have a national CE approval process.  We have had success in getting approval for core workshops through local NASW Chapters.

In order for the PDA to offer CE credit hours, there must be a consistent set of learning objectives and required core activities identified for all PDA-sponsored core workshops.  Promotional materials have specific wording requirements.  A sign in/out form is also needed for these workshops. There also is a revised end of workshop evaluation.  Samples of all of these requirements are now available on the PDA website's Continuing Education page. 

If you have any questions or need CE support, please contact Carol Dores (carolsdores@gmail.com) or Kelly Gfroerer (Kelly@PositiveDiscipline.org).

Three Tips for Positive Discipline
for Parents of Preschool Kids

by Lynn Lott

As a co-founder of the Positive Discipline Association, and a person who has been contributing to Positive Discipline for years, I’m sure you are expecting something very profound from me about parenting pre-school age kids.  Since I became a grandmother, fun has replaced “profound,” so I’m offering you three tips that I’ve discovered work well with this age group and are Positive Discipline in that they are kind and firm, but they are also fun. Maybe they only work for grandparents, but I doubt it.

  1. Asked and answered.

Some of my grandchildren must have learned somewhere that if they badger an adult, they will eventually get their way.  I don’t like to badger kids and I don’t like to be badgered by them.  If I mean it, I say it and if I say it, I follow through with action instead of more words.  So when a grandkid starts asking the same question over and over waiting for a different result, I say, “Asked and answered.” 

They ask, “Grandma, what does that mean?”  I say, “Do I look like someone who will change their mind if you ask me 20 more times?  You asked the question, I answered, and I’m not planning to change my answer.  In other words, asked and answered.”  Then I remain silent and follow through with action without explaining, apologizing or giving in.  

Sometimes my grandkids comment that I am the meanest Grandma in the world.  I smile, give them a hug and tell them they are the most lovable grandkids in the world. Usually by now, we’re on to something new.  Firm, and kind.

2.  Tantrums can be fun.

One day one of my grandkids actually laid down on the ground face first and pounded his fists and kicked his legs and began screaming when I said, “No.”  I was shocked, as I’d never seen a full-blown, textbook tantrum so perfectly executed before.  Without thinking, I lay down beside him and did exactly the same thing.

He looked at me and asked, “Grandma, what are you doing?” I said, “I’m doing what you are doing.  It looks like fun and I thought I’d have fun, too.”

He said with disgust, “Grandma, you are so weird.”  Then he stood up and walked away with disdain.  In a few minutes, we were probably playing Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders for the tenth time.

3.  George to the rescue.

One of my grandkids spent a day a week with me.  We would pack up the car and head to San Francisco, an hour drive away.  On the way, I’d tell him where we were going.  It never failed that he would say, “Grandma, I don’t want to go to……”  My favorites were that he didn’t want to go to the “Ploratorium (Exploratorium),” or cross the “Olden Gate Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge),” or drive through the Rainbow “Ternel (Tunnel).”

When he told me his wishes, I’d tell him the story of George, a made up character that said and did exactly the same things that he did.  Here’s an example of one of those stories.  

George was a little boy about your age.  One day his grandmother said, “Let’s drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.” George said, “I don’t want to drive over the Olden Gate Bridge.”  His grandma said, “George, let’s try it one time.  If you don’t like it, we won’t do it again.”  George said quietly, “Okay, Grandma.”  They drove over the bridge and George said, “I love the Olden Gate Bridge.  Let’s do it again.”

Sometimes I think we forget that this age group is about play.  We take things way too seriously instead of having fun with our kids.  One day, not too long ago, my ten-year-old grandson was having a problem with something.  He asked me, “Grandma, what would George say?”  I was amazed and shocked, and then made up a story about George, who had the exact same issue with a different resolution. My grandson looked at me, smiled knowingly and said, “Tell George thanks!”

Committees and Task Forces

Want To Be More Involved? These Positive Discipline Groups Need You!

Expansion  -  Everyone interested in sharing best practices or learning more ways in which to expand their business are welcome to attend this virtual group! On a recent call, we had people from many US states and countries share with us what they have been doing to expand their work, received an update from the Board on new initiatives, had opportunities to brainstorm with the group, and receive support and encouragement. The next meeting is Tuesday, October 13, from 12:00-1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. - Paige Michaelis , 1minutemommy@gmail.com .

Marketing - Focus is on writing and submitting press releases for consumer magazines and newspapers, and to use social media to generate/increase awareness of Positive Discipline and the Positive Discipline Association. Becky Divinski, becky_divinski@pobox.com.

Mentoring - Connecting members with mentors, and providing guidelines for relationship - Julia Tomes, jtomes@artwells.com

Parenting Research - Parent Education effectiveness study, with goal of being evidenced based - Kelly Gfroerer, kelly@positivedisciplineatlanta.com

Training & Assessment  - Make recommendations to PDA Board on applications that are exceptions to guidelines; review of trainer expansion, e.g. if someone was certified through ACT as Parent Trainer, and has now submitted documentation to become certified Classroom Educator; review alternatives to Think Tank to maintain certification level; provide input from membership relative to training - Steven Foster, sfos54@msn.com.


Facebook Page

Amy Lasso has been doing a great job with the Positive Discipline Association Facebook Page. She has been posting core workshops on the events page, sharing posts from Positive Discipline Association members, and posting relevant Positive Discipline content. If you have social media ideas or content, email: amy@positivediscipline.org

Parent Educator and Trainer Map

Are you listed on the Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Trainer Map? Email Brad Ainge (brad.ainge@gmail.com) with your name and website to be added to the map.

Posting Parenting Classes

We encourage those of you facilitating classes to list them on the Positive Discipline websites.  This will help you fill your classes and  having a lot of parenting classes listed helps build Positive Discipline’s image.

And, it's really easy!

Click Here to Post Your Class

Your class will be listed within 24 hours on the following sites:




Marketing Resources Page

Check out the Marketing Resources Page for more marketing resources and download the Marketing Manual which is full of great ideas for marketing your Positive Discipline business.

Positive Discipline Media Resources

Positive Discipline is NOT Permissive

Podcast with Aisha Pope


Aisha Pope, LCSW, with Roots and Wings Counseling shares two wonderful success stories, followed by discussion with Dr. Jane Nelsen. 

More Podcasts available at: http://www.positivediscipline.com/podcast/index.html

Update From The Board of Directors

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