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Positive Discipline year in review

The Positive Discipline Association experienced a year full of change and progress. As we reflect on the past year it is amazing how much has been accomplished.

  • Conferences and Think Tank — Record numbers of people attended both Conference and Think Tank in San Diego. The first Positive Discipline East Coast Conference took place in October with Dr. Jane Nelsen as keynote speaker.
  • ACT — Advanced Candidate Training in both the United States and Colombia.
  • CE Credits — Both core workshops have been approved for 13 hours of CE Credit by both the APA and NBCC.
  • Website — The website was updated to a new responsive, mobile-friendly design.
  • Research — Collaborative research has begun in cooperation with Dr. Eva Dreikurs Ferguson.
  • Training — A record number of people attended the core workshops both domestically and internationally.

Save the Dates

San Diego Conference:  August 5, 2016 

East Coast Conference:  October 22, 2016 

With pre and post Conference TP and PDC Core Workshop options.

Think Tank in San Diego:  August 5-8, 2016

In 2016 Post Think Tank Professional Development will include ACT, TP, and PDC options.

Colombia ACT

During the first week of December, Lead Trainers, Ari Molina and Cheryl Erwin, assisted and encouraged by Trainers, Gigi Nunez and Gina Graham, facilitated an ACT training—ECA, in Spanish. The training took place in beautiful Cartagena, Colombia, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. This was the first ACT conducted entirely in Spanish. The group, which consisted of Leydi Garcia, Daniella Medina, Jaicy Blandin, Bibiana Infante, Moni Cerda, Natalia Calderon Astorga, Carla Herrera, Mariella Vega, Vanesa Gomez, Fabiola Narvaez, and Maria Esther Sosa Lopez, named themselves CartagECA Energia Latina 2015, and represented nine countries in Latin America as well as Spain. These new colleagues are passionate, skilled, courageous, and deeply grounded in the principles of Adler, Dreikurs, and Disciplina Positiva. Please join Cheryl, Ari, Gigi, Gina in welcoming these new Trainers to the DP/PD family!

"It was an amazing week; this group came together so quickly and well. It’s probably the best experience I’ve ever had doing a Positive Discipline training, and I am feeling grateful and privileged." Cheryl Erwin

Introducing new Positive Discipline trainer candidates

Brenda Huth is a Director of Student Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

"When I became a Montessorian I quickly realized that Montessori isn’t something we “do”; it is who we “are.” I believe it is the same with Positive Discipline.  It makes sense to me. It speaks to me. I feel passionate about every child’s significance and belonging and use Positive Discipline every day." 

Click here to download Brenda's full Letter of Intent.

Cell phone: (260) 433-5777
Email: bhuth@oakfarmschool.com

Dina Eletreby is Head of School at New Horizon School in Irvine, California.

"Since bringing PD to New Horizon in 2009, we have seen students, teachers, and families embrace the core philosophy, facilitating the development of a kind and respectful community. My desire to become a Certified PD Trainer Candidate is so that I can continue to support the PD environment within New Horizon as new families and faculty members join the school community."

Click here to download Dina's full Letter of Intent.

Cell phone: (714) 381-8148
Email: deletreby@newhorizonirvine.org

Uzma Raza Said is an Educator at New Horizon School in Irvine, California.

"...our school has come a long way from those years of punitive consequences, and I have grown as an individual because of Positive Discipline. The concepts of “Connection before Correction” and “Mistakes are opportunities to Learn” resonated with me and helped to build relationships with not only students, but teachers and parents, as well."

Click here to read Uzma's full Letter of Intent.

KC Hill is a teacher in Meiringen, Switzerland.

"I love teaching PD, both to parents and to teachers. As a long-time teacher myself, I see that I have the possibility of reaching a lot of teachers and their students with this important material. My own use of PD was originally in the boarding school where I taught, lived with a “family” of 10-12 students, and codirected. Oh, yes – and where I was a father of 2 boys. PD was a valued toolbox for many hormone-loaded teenager situations!"

Click here to read KC's full Letter of Intent.

Cell phone: +41795873843
Email: hillkc55@gmail.com

Introducing New Trainers

Dennis Haines

Dennis has worked for the Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) as the Operations Supervisor for the Family Resource Council for 18 years. He is the contracted Master Trainer responsible for the parent education activities for the Merced County Human Services Agency Parenting Center. In this capacity, under direction of the MCOE Early Childhood Education Department and Human Services, he organizes and facilitates parent workshops, provides training for instructors, provides operational oversight of the center, and is responsible for recruiting instructors. He has been charged with strengthening local capacity for quality parenting support for the community. 

Dennis has worked throughout Merced County supporting local non-profit organizations. He has been instrumental in coordinating efforts to host the annual Merced County Children's Summit. He is a founding member of the Community Foundation of Merced County and the Board President of the local CORE Connection. Dennis and his wife Toni have been married for 26 years and have one daughter named Arlette who is 8 years old.

Mary Nelsen Tamborski

Mary Nelsen Tamborski received her BA from San Diego State University and her MA in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of Phoenix. She is now a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and is being supervised by Aisha Pope at Roots and Wings Counseling and Consulting in La Mesa.

Mary was raised with the author of Positive Discipline and now uses Positive Discipline Tools with her three boys. 


Thanks for all you've done: Gary and mary hughes

As Gary Hughes completes 5 years of volunteer service as Positive Discipline Association Executive Board Member and Treasurer, he thought you might want to know a little about his and Mary’s Positive Discipline “team” as an affirmation to your own!  Gary and Mary bring a unique perspective to the organization and its work, and want want to encourage you to do the same as you continue to grow as a Positive Discipline Facilitator.

Gary’s undergraduate degree is in Industrial Administration with an MA in Supervision and Management; Mary’s, in Child Development with her MA in Human Relations (MHR). Mary and Gary met at the Holiday Inn in Ames, Iowa. Mary stayed there with her Mom and sister while she enrolled in sorority rush before her freshman year.  Mary locked herself out of her room; Gary was the bellhop who assisted her with her dilemma! They spent time talking about their lives when Gary had breaks.  While Gary, already a student at ISU, shared information about campus Greek life, Mary kept thinking how grateful she was going to be for his friendship.  That friendship grew into forty-eight years of marriage, raising three now-grown children on Adlerian principles with a Christian foundation. Four grandchildren and one great-grandchild all live in the Omaha area.  "We are a retired Air Force career family, having lived in six states, as well as the Philippines, Guam, and Korea." After retiring from the Air Force in 1989, Gary retrained in Mathematics. He started as a substitute teacher, and eventually secured a position as a full-time Math Instructor for Iowa Western Community College, retiring from IWCC as an Assistant Professor in 2013.

Gary, a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer (CPDT) and Mary, one of the first Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainers (CPDLT), enjoy facilitating Positive Discipline workshops together through their small business, Enrich-Abilities, inc.™ for parents, teachers, and their faith community, as well as one-on-one coaching, now out of their home. Mary had been teaching Positive Discipline since the early ‘80’s, and was a consultant to the Positive Discipline Association (PDA) as the organization formed.  Gary joined her later, actively facilitating with Mary (after ‘carrying her bags’ to the various gatherings in the early years). Gary and Mary have planned Think Tanks, presented at Think Tanks, locally and nationally at many conferences, and served on the PDA Board. Mary created and chaired both the Mentoring Committee and the Encouragement Committee of the PDA in the early days. As the co-chair for three terms of the Family Education section of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NĀSAP), Mary worked to further advance Alfred Adler’s impact on parenting education and on the field of human relationships in general.  At the yearly conferences, Mary and Gary were requested presenters of Positive Discipline (preschool thru teens) workshops for several years.

Mary has worked to strengthen families in child care centers, schools, churches, and community agencies through her professional years. Mary is the co-author of one of the books in the Positive Discipline series, Positive Discipline in the Christian Home (PDCH), which is in its third edition. Currently, PDCH is being translated into Chinese and soon, into Russian, and possibly Korean. Gary and Mary, together with Wendy Ye (CPDT), are creating a Facilitator’s Guide and Parenting Workbook to accompany PDCH in both English and Chinese, with two decks of devotional cards titled “Scripture in Action” - one for parenting and one for couples - to strengthen the application of the blended Scripture and Positive Discipline/Adlerian principles in PDCH. Some years ago, when the first Positive Discipline: Birth to Three book was written, Mary revised the original preschool supplement to the Teaching Parenting manual.  Though unpublished, it contained useful activities which Mary had created to teach her Child Development students, and was used by some of the then-current Positive Discipline facilitators. My Toolbag©, a set of visual metaphors (objects) for teaching positive discipline, was created by Mary and Gary as a way to make learning Positive Discipline Tools more kinesthetic, engaging and fun. This idea was a precursor to the now-popular Positive Discipline Tool Cards ©™.

Gary and Mary have been teaching families in their church using Positive Discipline/Adlerian principles on a variety of family life topics for over 35 years. Gary serves Calvary Christian Church as an elder.  Mary helped a group of young women found a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), serving as their Mentor Mom for six years; the group has grown to include Moms of all ages, and is a regular women’s ministry at our church.  Mary has been teaching Precept Bible Studies to women for the past three years; together we are helping small groups form, emphasizing parenting and marriage topics, so that we can eventually work ourselves out of a job!  At Calvary Christian Church, Mary and Gary set up a pre-marital ministry, UNITE!, using Positive Discipline/Adlerian principles, that has grown to serve over forty couples/year with fifteen coach couples in the ministry.  After being trained to minister to married couples in distress through a one-on-one process called Heart Care, Mary and Gary turned over the UNITE ministry to a younger couple so that we could focus more time on Heart Carethrough our One Heart Marriage Ministry. 

Whether teaching Positive Discipline in the Christian Home, coaching a Mom or Dad on parenting or marriage issues, or working with the Christian Education staff at their church, we have been affectionately re-titled “retreaded” rather than “retired.” Shortly before “retiring” from our professional careers, we began further developing the lay Pastoral Care ministry of Calvary Christian Church. GriefShare, DivorceCare©, and DivorceCare for Kids™ are ministries that we have overseen and empowered for eight years. This past year, they introduced Single & Parenting™ which introduces a Positive Discipline principle each week, and they are creating a ministry for teens affected by divorce and separation.   

People who work with Gary and Mary describe their teaching style as “warm, personal, positive, encouraging, down-to-earth, practical, caring, inspirational, inter-active, relational, and respectful.” 

3726 Leawood Drive
Bellevue, NE 68123
402-291-2280 (h)
402-216-5618 (mary-cell) 402-578-7980 (gary-cell)
enrich3726@cox.net (mary) garyhughes2810@cox.net (gary)

A Word from Our expansion committee

Please join us at our next virtual meeting on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016.

At each virtual meeting we discuss specific ways we are expanding Positive Discipline in various markets, best practices as well as share thoughts and ideas to support one another.  We set goals and have accountability to the group for forward movement.  We hope you can join our lively group!

Please contact me for more information or to be put on the distribution list for the dial in information. 

Hope to see you there! 
Michaelis info@1minutemommy.com

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