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Keeping the Joy in Relationships Certification 


Keeping the Joy in Relationships is a fun and enlightening certification workshop packed with experiential activities designed for Positive Discipline Educators and Trainers as well as helping professionals. Participants will learn how to facilitate classes for couples using Positive Discipline principles to help them improve their relationships.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding how Positive Discipline (Adlerian) tools can be applied to all relationships.
  2. Facilitating experiential activities to help couples to:
  • take responsibility without guilt.
  • determine their Lifestyle Priority (Top Card) and how it affects their relationship.
  • understand how the beliefs formed in early childhood enhance or challenge current relationships.
  • how to communicate and problem solve with one another using the Couple's Dialogue Process.
  • apply many more Positive Discipline tools to bring fun and joy to their relationship.

Upon completion, you will be able to facilitate fun and interactive classes, retreats, or one-time events.

Materials included: 

  • Keeping the Joy in the Relationships Facilitator's Manual
  • Keeping the Joy in the Relationships Playbook
  • Keeping the Joy in the Relationships Tool Cards

Keeping the Joy in Relationships Certification Training

If you'd like to go further and become a Keeping the Joy in the Relationship Master Trainer, please

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