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Capucine THIREAU


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Capucine THIREAU
As a certified Positive Discipline Educator for parents and at school since 2016, I have guided educators around the world to bring harmony and collaboration in relationships. Since 2020, I am a Positive Discipline Trainer.

I train educators, both in groups and individually, either in French or in English. 

As the mother of three boys and as an engineer in agronomy, I have a passion for transmitting a healthy way of life to the next generation. 
Positive Discipline provided me with the tools to be the mother I wanted to be and to raise my children in a family culture characterized by mutual respect. 

My international background, (Since 2011, I have lived, worked, and raised children on multiple continents) led me to seek out resources to build harmonious relationships with people of diverse backgrounds…including with my own children who are growing up in a very different environment from my generation.  
Living in countries as different as France, Germany, Belgium and South Africa taught me to open my mind and helped me to develop my soft skills. I enjoy sports, a good laugh, and enjoy connecting with people from different backgrounds who might think differently from me.  In addition to my Positive Discipline certification, I am trained in Nonviolent Communication. 

Are you looking to grow as a professional or as a parent?  Do you seek more harmony at home or in the classroom? I am excited to progress with you!
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